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ESMES Overview of 1st Visual Art Contest

Upon the finalization of ESMES first visual art contest, 279 students from the primary cycle in the participating public schools submitted their illustrations. The drawings were divided among the five participating public schools as follow: 39 drawings from Ain Jarfa Public school, 18 from Barouk public school, 111 from Hosh el Omara public school, 38 from Al Majadel public school, and 73 from Shakib Erslan public school. 

The drawings covered several diverse topics, starting from the types of renewable energy sources like solar and wind, to common energy efficiency measures like switching to LED lighting, to efficient energy habits such as turning the lights off when the room is not occupied. Other students illustrated what they dream of Lebanon, a country fully dependent on renewable energy and with no pollution. Some students reflected the direct relation between renewable energy and a pollution-free environment and the harsh effect of fossil fuels on the earth. 

Five different sketches with five different topics were featured on social media platforms. The first portraying the positive impact of solar energy on the environment, the second highlighting the positive renewable energy mindset, the third introducing wind energy as an alternative energy source, the fourth reflecting a clean environment, and finally the fifth illustrating the use of solar systems in residential buildings. Other illustrations were shared through a video on Instagram, crediting each student on his/her work. 

The success of this contest and the positive participation of the students and schools provide a motivation to initiate additional contests among the 5 public schools. The level of participation of each school and the quality of contribution will be considered when rewarding the school that performs better at the end of the project. The visual art contest had enabled a great awareness raising on the importance of renewable energy and the adoption of sustainable energy habits. 


For more information on ESMES project activities, please visit the project page on LCEC website, or the project page on ENI CBC Med website.