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ESMES 1st Visual Art Contest with Public Schools

Within ESMES objective towards increasing civil society awareness and improving energy habits, ESMES team has launched the first visual art contest among students from the project public schools. Students from the primary cycle are encouraged to participate by drawing, sketching, or painting illustrations related to renewable energy, energy saving tips, or sustainable living.

This contest aims at raising awareness on the importance of adopting sustainable energy behaviors, helping students to adopt positive energy habits and giving them the opportunity to express their passion for the environment through visual art. 

The energy team in each school would also help sensitizing other classmates about renewable energy and energy efficiency, encouraging them to share their work in this visual art contest.


The drawings and sketches submitted by participants will be featured on LCEC social media channels and website, giving credit to each student on his/her work. 

This visual art contest will be followed by additional contests among the 5 public schools. At the end of the project, the school that performs better will be rewarded. 

For more information on ESMES project activities, please visit the project page on LCEC website, or the project page on ENI CBC Med website.