Upcoming Events

Beirut Energy Week 2023

From 20 to 22 September 2023, Lebanon’s capital city Beirut will host the Beirut Energy Week 2023 conference and exhibition. The Beirut Energy Week is expected to be an exceptional event focused on all elements of the green energy transitions that most countries are witnessing. The Beirut Energy Week comes at a time when solar energy development in Lebanon is reaching unexpected growth, making the Lebanese market one of the fastest moving markets worldwide. The event will take place at Le Royal Hotel- Dbayeh- Beirut, Lebanon.

The Beirut Energy Week 2023 is expected to gather more than 700 delegates and 25 targeted sessions. The event will include 4 side events in partnership with local and international partners.

The structure agenda of the BEW2023 is now made public. To download the agenda, check the web link: www.1618.energy.