Solar PV Farms- 180 MW Bid

An expression of interest (EOI) was launched back in January 2017 followed by a request for proposals (RFP) to procure up to 180 MW of solar PV farms equally distributed across the four main Lebanese regions: North, South, Mount Lebanon, and the Bekaa. A total of 12 PV farms across these regions will be selected based on a competitive negotiation procedure based on the lowest received tariff. 

The objective of this project is to add to the total installed capacity of solar PV energy and bring the national energy mix a step closer to the renewable energy targets.

The interested parties from the private sector have submitted their proposals in response to the RFP, which were technically evaluated and shortlisted. The financial offers have been opened as well, but the negotiations on the final tariffs are still ongoing in light of the macro fiscal situation and the deterioration of the local currency.

Following several meetings, the shortlisted bidders requested from the Ministry to consider the change in the local financial markets and its effects on the submitted offers. Accordingly, the shortlisted bidders in all the regions have been requested to re-submit their financial offers taking into account the current macro fiscal situation.