Wind Farms- Round 1- 226 MW

Following the adoption of the policy paper for the electricity sector as a national strategy for the sector, the Government of Lebanon committed to reach 12% of the total electricity and thermal energy supply in 2020 from renewable energy. Being an essential component to reach the 12% mix, bids have been launched to procure wind farms all over the country. 

Following a competitive bidding process and several rounds of negotiations, three companies from the private sector were awarded the contract based on the lowest submitted price. The awarded companies, Hawa Akkar, Sustainable Akkar, and Lebanon Wind Power, will be developing 3 wind farms in Akkar with a total capacity of 226 MW. The Council of Ministers empowered the Minister of Energy and Water to execute a 20-year power purchase agreement (PPA) that was signed on February 1, 2018 with each of the project companies.


About the Projects:

Lately known as Naseem Akkar, the 3 project companies will be generating clean electricity from wind energy and selling it to Electricite du Liban (EDL) for 9.6 USc/KWh over the term of the PPA. The project is expected to contribute to the electricity generation via green electricity, and create an economic momentum in the deprived region.

Currently, the project is under development as the contracts have been signed and the lands secured. Due to COVID-19, the project is expected to face some delays specifically related to the procurement of wind turbines.

The work is currently ongoing to more forward with the project, notably to finalize the EPC contracts with the turbine manufacturer, while the expected completion date is end of 2022.

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