World Energy Council at a Glance

The World Energy Council is a global energy transition platform, pulling together the different parts of intelligent leadership to catalyse smart and informed dialogue. They curate new experiences which are fundamental to having the practical knowledge to actually move the needle on secure, affordable and inclusive energy transition.


A Worldwide Energy Network

The true strength of the World Energy Council comes from its network of over 3,000 member organisations in around 90 countries

The Council is the world’s leading member-based global energy network and the only truly international and impartial energy organisation. They are independent and non-political, working dynamically across the whole energy sector. 

They are member-driven, stakeholder-focused and work across and in support of the energy communities regardless of country, sector, region, resource, or technology. 

Check the Council's vast community here.


Mapping the Global Energy Landscape

The World Energy Council has developed an interactive tool - The World Energy Issues Monitor. The Monitor is an annual reality check of 2,000+ leaders worldwide focusing on the challenges of energy transition.

The maps present the key energy issues, regional and local variances, and how these have changed over time. The tool allows the preparation of different maps for comparison. You can manipulate data by geography, time or by highlighting specific energy issues.

This tool can be used by energy leaders, shapers and innovators to understand regional perspective about national and global energy transitions. The Issues Monitor tool provides a window to the issues, concerns and action priorities that global energy leaders are focused on. 

Try the free interactive tool now and check the issues monitor here


Making Sustainable Energy a Reality

The Council's mission focuses on a sustainable energy future. Globally, a billion people live without access to energy infrastructure. Climate targets are missed. Pressure increases on energy security. A balance between energy security, equity and the environment must be met in order to achieve sustainability.

With this in mind the World Energy Council has developed the Energy Trilemma Index, which enables better policy development by providing a clear framework to deliver the energy transformation and make sustainable energy systems a reality.

Check the World Energy Trilemma Index 2020 here


Informing the Energy Debate

The World Energy Council’s membership and remit spans the entire global energy landscape. This includes public and private sector organisations, technology, and information. The Council informs the energy debate and provides practical tools to support impact communities in accelerating transition efforts.

The Energy Transition Toolkit can be used to generate quality dialogue with a diversity of energy stakeholders across the value chain. The goal is to encourage collaborative action, including experimentation, futures thinking, and empowering sustainable transactions. The Toolkit comprises five Insights Tools and provides ideas on how to use them to analyse and address energy transition challenges.

The World Energy Council invests in the research, tools, platforms and communities required to accelerate energy transition.

Check the transition toolkit here