Renewable Energy Outlook: Lebanon

The Renewable Energy Outlook for Lebanon is a study developed by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) in collaboration with the Lebanese Ministry of Energy and Water (MEW) and the Lebanese Centre for Energy Conservation (LCEC). The report contains two main methodologies adopted by IRENA: The Renewables Readiness Assessment (RRA) and the Renewable Energy Roadmaps (REmap).

Based on several stakeholder consultations and expert analysis at a national level, the RRA methodology provides a detailed assessment of the renewable energy landscape and offers solutions to drive the renewable energy sector in Lebanon. Key measures are proposed to tackle the main challenges hindering the development of renewables notably related to policy, regulation, and finance.

The REmap analysis, IRENA’s global roadmap to scale up renewables, identifies the feasible untapped potential for renewables in Lebanon while quantifying costs and investment needs. The analysis shows that Lebanon has the potential to supply 30% of its electricity consumed in 2030 from renewables, based on the updated targets and most recent electricity reform paper released in 2019.