Decentralized RE Law

Distributed renewable energy has important political, economic, environmental, and social benefits to the Lebanese economy. Solar energy is now one of the most cost-effective means of generating electricity.

In 2019, the Ministry of Energy and Water has decided to develop the legal framework and administrative protocols for net metering in all its facets. EBRD, through a team of experts, is supporting the ministry in developing a distributed renewable energy law.

A steering committee, including representatives from MEW, EDL and LCEC, has been established in May 2019 to guide EBRD efforts.

This law sets a basis for stimulating distributed renewable energy production by founding the main principles for the realization of projects using net metering in all its forms, and peer-to-peer (distributed) renewable energy (only) trading through direct power purchase agreements and/or renewable energy equipment leasing.  Lebanon's Distributed Renewable Energy Law was ratified by the Lebanese Parliament on 14 December 2023 under law No. 318/2023.