IMEES Energy Efficient Home Appliances (IEEHA)

The Italian Energy Efficient Home Appliances (IEEHA) Program is joint initiative by the Italian Ministry of Environment and Energy Security (previously Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea - IMELS) and LCEC, approved in August 2018 within the context of a technical cooperation agreement on sustainable development between IMEES and LCEC signed in July 2016.

The extension of the technical cooperation agreement on sustainable development between IMEES and LCEC was signed in  December 2023 b during the COP28. 

Program Objectives

The Program’s general objective is to assist the Lebanese Government in achieving its environmental commitments through the promotion of Italian highly energy-efficient home appliances. It consists of the distribution of rebates to end-users directly or through local retailer shops to incentivize the purchase of highly energy-efficient equipment. The new financing mechanism targets directly end-users and increases the environmental awareness of the wider public. It is also an opportunity to attract new Italian companies to the Lebanese market.

Specifically, the Program aims at:

  • bridging the financial gap for consumers between high efficiency appliances and standard appliances;
  • Increasing energy saving and reduce carbon emissions;
  • Promoting energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly Italian technology;
  • building capacity in the sector and raise awareness, specifically among end-users and retailers, on energy savings and positive impact on climate change;
  • Transfering Italian know-how to local manufacturer and retailers; and
  • Building LCEC’s capacity regarding Energy Labeling.


Market Report

The Program started with an assessment of the market through a consumers’ survey and retailers’ survey. These surveys, highlighted in a Program report on Availability, Efficiency & Use of Home Appliances in Lebanon:  Results of Survey of Home Appliances within Retailers and Households” held define the Program and most importantly the eligible appliances based on their energy classification compared to standard appliances that could be found at retailers’ showroom from one hand and appliances that could be found at consumers’ households from the other.


How it works?

Once the consumer purchases an eligible (Italian) appliance with high energy rating, he/she will be eligible to benefit from a direct cashback provided by the project. Mainly by claiming a brochure at the showroom, filling a form and uploading receipts on the Program website or through the dedicated application, and claiming the cash payment from the financial facilitator for the Program once an approval is granted by the LCEC.

how it works



Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are a retailer interested in joining the program!


Program’s Training of Salespersons

A training workshop on “Selling Energy Efficient Home Appliances” was conducted for salespersons from the five retailers mentioned above. The training took place on 13 and 14 July 2020.

EEHA training


The main objectives behind the training on Selling Energy Efficient Home Appliances were:

  • to familiarize the salespersons of the retailers partnering in the Program with the Program details, visual identity, and process to ensure a successful implementation;
  • to build the salespersons capacities on the essential ins and outs of selling an energy efficient home appliance through several basic, innovative, and personalized techniques;
  • to introduce the salespersons to the importance of the energy labels;
  • to introduce the salespersons to the concept of the energy and cost savings throughout the lifetime of the product (lifecycle costs);
  • to enhance the selling techniques of the salespersons in the Program in general; and
  • to secure the salespersons commitment to the Program.


The training tackled, in addition to raising awareness about the benefits of saving energy and the benefits of selling more energy efficient home appliances, building capacity and adaptability to new type of customers, especially in line with the global impacts of COVID-19 and the national economic crisis.


Program launching

The Program will be launched soon; stay tuned either by visiting the Program website or by subscribing to our Good-to-Know newsletter!


More information

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