Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Study

The National Renewable Energy Action Plan for the Republic of Lebanon 2016-2020 sited concentrated solar power as one of the solutions for renewable energy generation in Lebanon. Based on a study completed by CEDRO in 2012, Hermel was the most suitable region for a concentrated solar power plant as it has a high insolation rate and the most available lands for use. The optimum size to opt for at the time was a 50 MW plant with 7.5 hours of storage.

In cooperation with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), and under a D2B project, the LCEC launched a “request for proposal for consultancy services for the development of a concentrated solar power plant at Hermel, Lebanon”. The funding of this project was fully available through the D2B project.

The RFP has been published and multiple companies submitted their applications. The evaluation process is complete, and currently the LCEC is preparing the legal contract to be signed with the winning bidder. The project will continue for 14 months after the contract signature, and will be followed by a tender for building the CSP plant as per the feasibility study’s recommendations.

Main parts of the study:

  • Phase 1: Preliminary study to investigate the feasibility of the project and all parameters tied with its implementation.
  • The consultant will investigate the feasibility of a 50 MW CSP plant with 7.5 hours of storage, and explore the possibilities for alternative renewable energy solutions. 
  • The consultant will also install 2 weather stations to measure the DNI values on the potential sites where the plant should be erected. These stations will help in obtaining concrete information on the solar radiation available in the Hermel region.
  • Phase 2: Development of a fully-fledged Environmental and Social Impact Assessment along with developing tender documents for the implementation of the recommended solution.
  •  The data extracted from the weather stations will be useful during the implementation of the plant in order to better assess the available solar resources.