With respect to end-use electricity consumption, cooling and dehumidification, combined, constituted 29% of the total electricity consumption in Lebanon in 2009 and reached 40% in 2014. The residential sector is the largest consumption in cooling share at 19% in 2014 followed by the commercial sector with 11% and the health and education sector with 8%.

About half of the households are equipped with air-conditioning systems in Lebanon signaling a high potential for the implementation of the COOL_UP project.

The objectives of COOL_UP project are to reduce cooling demand, to accelerate HFC phase down, to promote uptake of RES/EE refrigeration and cooling (R&C) in residential and commercial sector and to ensure safe disposal of equipment and refrigerants.

Four target countries are participating in this project: Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. The project duration is 6 years. Led by Guidehouse, the project includes 12 local and international partners where the LCEC is the local partner in Lebanon. COOL_UP tackles the cooling sector in four main aspects: policy, finance, technology and capacity building. COOL_UP activities are expected to start by the end of 2020.

COOL_UP was previously promoted under the name COOL_ME.