ESCO Business

As part of Lebanon’s National Energy Efficiency Action Plan, LCEC has set a qualification process for Energy Service Companies (ESCO) and Energy Audit Companies. ESCOs are energy service companies that are specialized in energy efficiency improvement services, including implementation. Energy Audit companies offer energy management services including energy audits.

These companies are legally independent companies even when part of larger groups providing other services. LCEC’s qualification process aims at supporting the ESCO market, promoting energy efficiency investments and helping stakeholders (potential beneficiaries and local financial institutions) identify ESCOs and Energy Audit companies.

The qualification scheme categorizes the companies into two groups: qualified ESCOs and Energy Audit companies.

The LCEC launched rounds of qualification throughout the year. To be a qualified ESCO or Energy Audit company, the applicant must fill in the application and have a cumulative passing score for all sections. A list of qualified companies is issued after each round of qualification process.