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Beirut River Solar Snake (BRSS) Report Now Published // LCEC Publishes an Updated ESCOs' List

LCEC Publishes a Detailed Report about the Beirut River Solar Snake (BRSS) Project

The LCEC has recently published a full detailed report about the BRSS project that was built back in 2015. The report is entitled “Beirut River Solar Snake: the Dawn of the Solar Market in Lebanon” and it covers the story, characteristics, and assessment of the BRSS following 5 years of operation. The report offers contents for researchers, businesses, and academia to further develop solar technologies in the country. To download the full report, check the web link: https://bit.ly/BRSSReport.


New Updated ESCOs’ List

The latest list of qualified ESCOs by the LCEC is now available on the LCEC web site. Qualified companies are now categorized into two groups: qualified ESCOs and energy audit companies. While energy audit companies offer energy management services including energy audits, ESCOs provide in addition energy efficiency improvement services and energy efficiency measures implementation. To download the updated list, check the web link: https://bit.ly/ESCOQualificationMay2020.