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The Netherlands' Support in Drafting "Energy Conservation Law" // Progress in Developing “Decentralized Renewable Energy Generation Law"

The Netherlands Supports Lebanon in Moving Forward with “Energy Conservation Law”

Thanks to the support of the Netherlands, a team of technical and legal experts will be supporting the Ministry of Energy and Water and the LCEC in developing and finalizing the draft version of Lebanon’s “Energy Conservation Law”. This in-kind contribution is under the leadership of the Netherlands’s RVO-ETF with the support of the Dutch Embassy in Lebanon. The support aims at focusing on the Dutch and EU best experiences and other international best practices in this regard. The initiative also aims at drafting the law in accordance with EU regulations and directives as well as the drafting of the executive decrees related to the law. The “Energy Conservation Law” sets a strategic framework for developing energy efficiency in Lebanon. The kick-off of this initiative was on 9 October 2020.


EBRD Supports Lebanon in Drafting “Decentralized Renewable Energy Generation Law"

Thanks to the support of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), a team of technical and legal experts has finalized the drafting of the “Decentralized Renewable Energy (RE) Law”. The draft law covers a number of actions to encourage the further development of the decentralized (or rooftop) renewable energy systems in Lebanon. The law covers a wide range of subjects, including single-owner net metering, basic, tenant, and multi-site aggregation net metering, and community net-metering, as well as peer-to peer RE trading and RE equipment leasing, with enabled power wheeling, time of use, priority dispatch, and other supportive programs to ensure optimal implementation. The draft law is expected to be discussed soon with the Energy Committee of the Lebanese Parliament for review and comments.