WEC Lebanon

The Council is the UN-accredited global energy body. Its member list includes governments, businesses and expert organizations. The World Energy Congress, held over 20 times since the organization’s founding, is the world’s premier energy gathering. The World Energy Council continues to build on its long, stable history as a key player on the global energy scene.

The Council’s mission is to “promote the sustainable supply and use of energy for the greatest benefit of all people.” Since 1923, the Council has been engaging energy leaders throughout the world to meet whole energy system challenges.

It is a global energy transition platform, pulling together the different parts of intelligent leadership to enable smart and informed dialogue. It curates new experiences which are fundamental to having the practical knowledge to actually move the needle on secure, affordable and inclusive energy transition.

To find out more about the World Energy Council: https://www.worldenergy.org

The Lebanon Committee of the World Energy Council offers its members a unique opportunity to help shape the energy future through open dialogue and discussion with the most important players in the energy sector.

Through the Council’s vast global network, Lebanon Committee members are eligible to participate in the international energy debate and contribute to finding solutions to important global issues. This reliable network of contacts is invaluable in leveraging and developing new business opportunities for member organizations, nationally, regionally and globally.

The Lebanon Committee of the World Energy Council has a network of members involved in the broad spectrum of the energy sector in Lebanon. This network was created with the establishment of the national committee.


Lebanon Committee of the World Energy Council - Secretariat




H.E. Dr. Walid Fayad

Dr. Joseph Al Assad

Pierre El Khoury


Vice Chair