Banque de L’Habitat - Solar PV Loans

At a time when the demand on rooftop solar photovoltaic systems is increasing at an exponential rate, the “Banque de L’Habitat” has launched a new financing mechanism offering loans for solar photovoltaic systems to middle and low-income Lebanese citizens.

The loans will be offered starting Monday 20 June 2022 in Lebanese Pounds (LBP), ranging between 75 million LBP to 200 million LBP, and the repayment period will be 5 years at an interest rate of 4.99%. The conditions to apply and benefit from the loan will be shared by “Banque de L’Habitat” soon.

MoU signature - Banque de l'Habitat-LCEC
MoU signature - Banque de l'Habitat-LCEC


To ensure high-quality installations, the “Banque de L’Habitat” and LCEC have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Monday 23 May 2022 whereby the LCEC acts as the technical arm of the bank in reviewing and filtering solar projects submitted for financing. The LCEC is also issuing a list of qualified solar photovoltaic installers based on a set of criteria to be made public soon on this page, the list is constantly being updated and available at the bottom of this page.


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The "Solar Energy Loan" application form, can be accessed at the below link (you may need to sign up before being granted access):


For more information about the application process, please click here:


For more information about the solar loans, please check the website of Banque de l'Habitat (link below) or email us at


To access the presentations, please download them from the Download Center below.


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