To be part of today’s fast-paced global energy environment you need to be part of the world energy council


The WEC Lebanon member committee commenced its activities at an official gathering on 9 July 2013 in Beirut.

The WEC Lebanon Committee provides the following benefits to its members throughout the membership period:

  • Be an active partner in shaping the future work of LCEC in the fields of energy efficiency and renewable energy.
  • Attend LCEC's technical workshops and seminars free-of-charge .
  • Be the first to know about potential projects and funds available with the LCEC.
  • Get access to the LCEC data and reports, and get in contact with experts and consultants working with the LCEC.
  • Be the first to know about and participate in regional and international workshops and conferences in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy.
  • Obtain reports, data, and presentations collected by LCEC from different sources like UNDP, UNEP, EU, the World Bank, and others.