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Details Design and Implementation of a National Strategy for Efficient and Economic Public Street Lighting in Lebanon
The project was designed in a way to provide the Lebanese streets with safe and energy efficient lighting with intelligent control and maintenance procedure.  With respect to this, the Lebanese Government willingly dedicated 0.5 Million USD to the public street lighting project to replace and install photosensors in the various street lighting systems in order to illuminate the roads when needed. This was accompanied with the development of technical requirements for the energy efficient street lighting lamps and awareness campaign targeting the installation and maintenance of photosensors. Out of the 0.5 Million USD provided by the Government, 0.25 Million USD were dedicated to the purchase of the new photo-sensor devices and the remaining to capacity building, awareness buildings and marketing. The estimated savings of the project this project allowed us to build a database on the available lamps used by the municipalities. The average power consumption of these lamps is around 200 watts per lamps. The installed photosensors helped controlling 105526 lamps all the around the Lebanese territories. This leads to an estimate savings of around 2 million USD per year.