efficient resources, sustainable achievements


01 Ministry of Energy and Water

The Ministry for Energy and Water is the central public organization in charge of energy and water security issues in Lebanon. It is formed of 3 General Directions: the general direction of hydraulic and electric resources, the general direction of exploitation and the general direction of the petroleum. LCEC is directly linked to the Minister of Energy and Water in all major decisions, initiatives and projects related to energy efficiency and renewable energy.

02 The Central Bank of Lebanon

The Banque du Liban (BDL) is a financially and administratively an autonomous public entity that controls and monitors bank liquidity, regulates banks' credit, imposes on banks' reserve requirements on assets and/or loans. It also grants licenses for the establishment of banks, financial institutions, brokerage firms, money dealers, foreign banks, leasing companies and mutual funds in Lebanon. LCEC is the technical assistance unit to the BDL in the evaluation of applications to the low-interest energy loans.