efficient resources, sustainable achievements

Who we are

The Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation (LCEC) is the national energy agency for Lebanon. LCEC is a governmental organization affiliated to the Lebanese Ministry of Energy and Water (MEW). LCEC is the technical arm of the Ministry in all subjects related to energy efficiency, renewable energy, and green buildings.

 LCEC has succeeded in establishing itself as the main national reference on sustainable energy in Lebanon. It is the leading provider of energy efficiency and renewable energy programs to the public and private sectors in Lebanon. LCEC offers proven expertise and support to the Government of Lebanon (GoL) to develop and implement national strategies towards saving energy, saving money, reducing greenhouse gas emissions with the final target being to improve durability, safety and comfort of the Lebanese population.

LCEC is a financially and administratively independent organization and operates under the direct supervision of the Minister of Energy and Water. As an independent national organization, LCEC is only 3 years old. Actually, LCEC is registered at the Lebanese Ministry of Interior and Municipalities in January 2011. However, the actual work of LCEC started back in 2005 when LCEC was initiated as a joint project between the Ministry of Energy and Water and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Lebanon.